Trend is purchased and maintained by Western's central administration and is available for use on faculty/departmental desktops. For pricing information for Affiliates and Ancillaries please refer to the ITS Services document:
Trend Micro OfficeScan for all versions of Windows
2003, 2008, 2008R2
XP, Vista, 7
Windows Servers
Windows Workstations
 Offline Installation
Trend Micro OfficeScan for Windows 2000
Windows 2000 Professional and Server
 Offline Installation
32-bit installer
Download the latest pattern file
.ZIP file format
.EXE file format
 Pattern File
Pattern 827 (zip)
Pattern 827 (exe)
OfficeScan for Mac
OfficeScan for Mac Installer Package

Offline Installation of Trend Micro OfficeScan 10 ...

  1. To use the Offline installation executable, click the link, enter your UWO username and password, and choose to save the file to a location on the hard drive. Then browse to where you saved it on the hard drive and execute it from there. It cannot be run from within the web browser.

Install/Update Procedures

  1. Click on the Install or Update links (whichever action you wish to do).
  2. When prompted, click open. (These files change frequently. You will need the new one every time you wish to manually update).
  3. Wait appx 30 seconds. (Depending on how many files need to be changed, a DOS window might open and you might see some files being copied.)
  4. OfficeScan will start automatically once completed.
  5. You should see this icon in the system tray (right bottom of the screen).

Pattern File

  • Download the zip or exe file onto the hard drive
  • Click on the zip or exe file on the hard drive and extract the files to the directory where OfficeScan/PC-Cillin has been installed
  • Restart computer
  • The latest pattern file/scan engine version should show when you point the mouse to the Officescan icon in the system tray (right bottom of the screen ).

Manual check for OfficeScan Pattern file version Instructions

  • Look for the OfficeScan client icon in the system tray (right bottom of the screen).
  • Right click on the Officescan client icon, and select Component Versions from the list.
  • In the Version Information window that appears, look for the line that says Virus Pattern. The value to the right of this is your current pattern file.