Western Network

Blocked Ports

In an effort to further secure the Western network, we are continually shutting down access to potentially sensitive network ports.

Ports 1-1023 are blocked with the following exceptions:

20 - ftp-data

21 - ftp

22 - ssh

25 - smtp

27 - ssh-preferred

53 - domain

69 - tftp

80 - http

109 - pop2

110 - pop3

123 - ntp

143 - imap

220 - imap3

389 - ldap

443 - https

444 - snpp

465 - smtps

500 - isakmp

548 - isakmp

548 - afpovertcp

554 - rtsp

587 - submission

636 - ldaps

993 - imaps

995 - pop3s

The following applications are blocked

Direct Internet access to desktop systems inside Western's network through desktop sharing services is not supported, other than through the use of Western's centrally provided VPN service WROAMS.  The list below is an example (though not a complete list) of remote sharing applications that are blocked, regardless of the ports used.

Remote Desktop Protocol




Internet Relay Chat (irc)


Remote Access to Western

If you need to access Western information from home, there are a number of security elements that are required. Where possible, use the more secure methods to connect to the Western network, and to check your Western email. You can securely access your Western e-mail from any web browser.  See our Email web pages for more details.

You can also securely connect to the Western email server with your email client, e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.  More information can be found in our Email documentation at http://wts.uwo.ca/office_365/index.html

If you need to access other information from your Western accounts you must use the Western ROAMs Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to the Western network.

Western ROAMs

Wireless on Campus - UWOSecure-v2


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