Purpose and Scope


  1. To educate all Western University computer users on their responsibilities related to the security of sensitive information that resides on Mobile Devices, as well as the physical devices themselves.
  2. To ensure Mobile Devices are maintained in a secure environment to minimize the risk and impact of the loss or theft of the devices or the sensitive information that resides on them.


This document defines the standards required to minimize the security risks associated with Mobile Devices. It has two sections:

Section 1: Standards for mobile device users.
Section 2: Standards for departmental management.

The standards apply to all of Western University Computing users (e.g. employees, officers, staff, contractors, students) using notebooks, laptops, PDAs, USB keys, cellulars or other Mobile Data Devices owned by the University or containing University information.

These are intended to be standards, and not detailed implementation directions. For this information, the reader is urged to consult the associated document on Mobile Device Security Best Practices.

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