Tier I - Preliminary Analysis

Tier I - Preliminary Analysis

When individuals at the unit level are interested in implementing or using software, they should refer to a ‘Cloud Service web page’ that identifies conditions where they must seek advice if any of the conditions are true. The conditions include sensitive information, integration with or use of Western’s information systems, acceptance of payments, purchase > $10,000, or the signing of a contract. These are thought of as Tier 1 questions.

If none of the conditions are true, then the individual may proceed with the software implementation.

Please seek advice if any of your answers to the questions below  are yes:

  • Is the information sensitive?
  • Does the software or service require integration with Western's information system i.e. authentication?
  • Does the software or service use information from another Western system i.e. central student system or Human Resources?
  • Does the software or service involve accepting payments?
  • Is  the value of the contract greater than $10,000? (includes all costs)
  • Does the software or service require a contract to be signed?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions. please proceed to Tier II.

Software implementation contacts:
Security - its-ciso@uwo.ca
IT Architecture & ID Management - helpdesk@uwo.ca
Procurement - financial.services@uwo.ca
Legal - clsinfo@uwo.ca
Privacy - privacy@uwo.ca

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