Policy Highlights


Raise your hand if you’ve read the fine print on every licensing agreement for software you’ve downloaded.  We understand – detailed rules and regulations can be overwhelming.  However, this Code of Behaviour establishes a set of standard expectations for all members of Western’s campus community concerning the use of computing resources.

Do these:

  • ensure that the university's computing resources are used in an ethical and lawful manner.
  • read and ensure that you understand this Code of Behaviour as it applies to all users of the university's computing resources. 

Don't do these:

  • intentional use of computing resources for any purpose other than academic, administrative, and/or incidental, non-commercial personal use, will be considered to be unauthorized.
  • use unlicensed or unauthorized copies of computer software


Use of university computing resources are not completely private and there are situations, as outlined in the Code of Behaviour, where the university, in its discretion, may disclose the results of general or individual monitoring to appropriate university personnel or law enforcement agencies. 

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